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Keys to Demii's Box

Like Pandora, I am all-endowed with Gifts and all-giving with Pleasure. 

  Welcome to the world of Demii Dee Best !!!! Where you get to live out your dreams and walk on the WILD side of life. I make fantasies reality and show you REAL bliss is.

 My Spanish blood gives me the Sensual and Subservient side while my Armenian heritage makes me Strong and Dominant in every way you NEED me to be......

 You may follow me on social media, but wouldn't YOU'RE life be soooo

much better if you played a part in my daily ADVENTURES. Better yet, I'll be the Vixon you Seduce just leave longing for more. I'm the Amazon

that teaches you how to PLEASE a woman like me. A woman with more to give and can take MUCH MORE is the right situation.... 

So Stop staring at your FANTASY woman on a screen and be a MAN of action, CALL ME.............

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